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14 thoughts on “5 Days to More Talking – Day 3”

  1. Building language on my child was a bit scary because I didn’t know what to do. This course helped me with that fundamental information on how language can be built and keep focusing on pre-talking and communication skills. I love my child went from a grunting sound to imitate gestures and sounds. I am thankful to this course because it guided me to have his language almost caught up for his age.

  2. Hello,Thank you,
    1, Here are the language form content:( Age: 3 year 10 month.
    Start time 19:00 End time: 19:30. Duration: 30 mins) ,(In family room, he wants to watch kid’s singing program, He said:) Sing song,bus, bus, bus,truck. (We play cars together, I ask him the color of car, he answers:) red or green(repeat my question),Bob(toy’s name),byebye,bibi won won(when playing car),Bibi, Yes(I asked if the car is red), It is green, bye bye, He is Bob, firetruck.
    Start time 14:20 End time: 14:35. Duration: 15 mins) (play cutting fruit game)Yumi, this one, yumi. (I asked what is that) Apple. tomato,yumi,grape, orange.I want this. (I asked what is the name of this toy) His name.

    2, Strengths and needs
    Using words if need.
    Can string 2-3 words sometimes.
    Can mending with simple word.
    Can lableing items.
    Verbal imitation and echoics
    Have eye contact, imitation play

    learn to suck from a straw
    Improve nap quality.
    Make progress in potty training( he does not pee or poop in potty)
    Improve tooth brushing.
    develop fully conversation
    Increase labeling quantity
    Learn to answer WH questions
    Practice imitation
    Start to practice puzzle
    Improve eye contact,Greeting
    others,Sharing,Pretend play
    Improve time period length of table time
    Solve issue of meltdown in store

    Plan I developed based on the sample( I am not sure this is the right way to develop the plan)
    straw sucking, Improve nap quality,
    Improve potty training,
    Talking/ language/following direction imitation
    Problem behavior
    Dressing practice for sweater
    Social play skill.
    improve attention ability by sensory training at home.

    1. This is a really great start and how we want to do the plan. Adding “start table time ” may also be helpful (you’ll learn more about this) .

      Your plan will likely develop as you learn more , but for now, making sure you have the strengths, needs and a broad plan is great!

  3. Wow this was amazing. I couldn’t believe how many mistakes a made and how many mistakes I heard from people who work with the children I have.

    1. We discuss this in multiple modules in the full online course. You can email us at [email protected] for information on this course.
      The first step to teaching these skills is to make sure imitation skills, both motor and object imitation is strong. Turn taking first takes a lot of pairing with a peer and to be comfortable playing with the same items, with no sharing calmly and without problem behavior.

  4. Hi I am wondering if we can use the 1 word times three for vowel soundsor very short syllables? For example could we use the ca sound for candy?

  5. Hi,
    The course is opening my eyes to new ideas and the mistakes I have made so far and what to avoid,the journey seems daunting but I am sure I can make great progress for my little boy.

    1. kelsey General

      You are in the right place! We only do what we know and now you are here learning more and for that your child is so lucky! you got this!

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