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25 thoughts on “5 Days to More Talking – Day 2”

  1. I really love how the digital assessment gave me the clues to make a plan. I was able to see my child’s strengths and needs and plan in an easy way my goals and what things were the most important for my child to focus on.

        1. It depends! We want to look at the needs of the child and prioritize at least a few to get started. you may want to reduce or add depending how the child is progressing.

    1. Hello! Thank you for letting us know. This is now fixed and you should be able to move forward and back on the videos now.

  2. I completed the online assessment BUT even though I got to the page that said the results were available, when I clicked continue, nothing happened. So I don’t know what my child’s baseline is as I don’t have the scores.

  3. I am honestly confused about how to make the plan. Yes, you gave an example how you made a plan but I was expecting to see an explanation of how to actually create the plan.

    1. As you keep watching through the days, you will be able to add to your plan to make it more customized and we will get into how to teach the things that are in your needs area of the plan.

    1. yes! The activities shown will be able to be done with 2 year old. We dive deeper into how to get them to sit at the table to engage in the full courses but do touch on it here. We have many kids under 2 who didn’t sit for even a moment learn to sit and do the early learner materials for up to 15 minutes!

    1. This is pretty common. Limiting the use of handheld devices and getting new DVDs from the Library or just playing what is naturally on TV or the random option on Netflix may be helpful. Also as you continue to build new language and engage more through your day then children tend to steer away from this

  4. My Son is 5 only makes random sounds such as dadada, nanna, etc. through ABA Therapy he has learned to request his needs with PEC cards, how do I help him to say words if all he does is show me the cards

    1. You will likely want to begin doing some of the table time strategies you will keep learning about in the next 3 days without the pecs to try to build echoic control with his sounds. You will also want to use the one word times 3 strategy when he gives you the card to say the word 3 times as you give him something.

  5. The child I am working with has very limited language skills, and can repeat back 2-3 different words, and 2-3 different sounds intermittently. However, his skills on a AAC device are much more advanced, and he can mand for things that he wants to do much more easily. With this he will mand for things like candy, tv, his water balloons activity, and a lot of other activities that he has on his list. I do not include this when doing the assessment, but how should I take this into consideration?

    1. You can write that as mands, but put a star beside the aac mands vs vocal mands. Using the one word times 3 strategy when they do mand with the aac device or as you learn more trying to get some of these words or sounds under echoic control will be important!

  6. Hi this might be a challenge to get from him during a ten minute assessment, because he will mand for things throughout a shift. He is not yet able to make the sounds for these words, and right now he intermittently says words like Me wnad wow. I have talked to my BCBA about word shaping, where he does not get exactly thr right sound for a word but something close. Should I try to get a ca sound for candy?

  7. Hi I watched a short video on the rule of three, but I want to mention that my client has a AAC device that requires him to go through a process in that if he wants a lollipop he has to point to` I ` first and then to `want`, and then to `lollipop`, and he s doing well with this right now, so it seems like he would get credit for three words. With other things he can just point to tv on his ipad if he wants to watch tv. Does the idea of giving him credit on three words sound good?

  8. Hi I seem to be running into a technical issue in that I cannot get the day 3 video to start. Its grayed out.

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