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14 thoughts on “5 Days to More Talking – Day 1”

  1. I would like to recommend any parent with a child showing delays to use Mary’s approach. The Turn Autism Around helped me and my son to catch up his severe language delay. I was able to implement easy strategies at home and learned where he was at and plan from there. I love this approach and the way it empowered me as a parent to make decisions and support my son in a friendly environment. We feel blessed to have found Mary and her program.

  2. I wish the professionals should have shared with how important is to know where the child is at in terms of language and other skills. The Turn Autism Around program helped me figure that out using language samples and completing the digital assessment. Those 2 tools were a starting point to support my child’s language.
    When I started the program with my child. His Language and Learning skills were at 20%. This score gave me an idea where he was at and what things I had to concentrate in terms of language and the rest of the skills.
    We have made a lot of progress in his language and speech skills.

  3. How many hours speech therapy and OT will ASD toddler( speech delay, no sentence verbal, hyperactive, no mayor behavior issue) needs weekly? is there a standard for this? My kid’s IEP has weekly 1hour 1-1 speech therapy and 25min intervention at preschool. And 30mins SLP + 45 OT at clinical.

    1. Hi there, While OT and Speech therapy may be needed with a child with or without an autism diagnosis, it’s really important that you as the parent learn how to engage your child during most of his/her waking hours (approximately 100 hours per week). Finding an SLP and OT who are willing and able to apply the child-friendly Turn Autism Around approach is key. It’s also important that you complete the language sample and complete the digital assessment to find your child’s scores and make a plan. This is all covered in Day 1. Please post your child’s scores and any questions about the plan if you feel stuck.

    1. Hi there, Great job diving into the Day 1 video and posting questions! Yes each day’s content will be available 24 hours after day 1 but you can catch up or rewatch the content as you go. It’s super important that you watch the whole video (without skipping ahead) and complete the assignments before watching the next day of content as each day builds on the next. So for Day 1 please complete both the language sample and the digital assessment and then use these to make a plan…… Feel free to post your child’s scores or questions about the assignments (which you don’t turn in)

  4. Hello, finished day 1. I read your book, and i like that this course breaks downs the steps even more for you. My 2 1/2 year old toddler was diagnosed with speech delay, but she is showing some signs of autism and I’m waiting for her therapy to start, but im so relieved i can start ABA at home now.
    Thank you.

  5. This is a good star for me. However, the children I worked with have no language. I am able to engage them with the different activities, but some of them don’t make eye contact. Some of them don’t even can engaged for long to force language. what can I do?

    1. Welcome! We certainly never want to force language . This whole 5 days will be about building language, even if they have none now. Make sure to do the assessments on even just one child and follow some of the steps. We will help you learn how to engage them in language rich activities without ever forcing it.

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